“Etheric Talk” Interview Radio show on Glastonbury FM


My friend Michael Tyack and I will be interviewed today on Glastonbury FM 107.1 at 5.30 pm, UK time. We will be discussing about the major points of the book The Etheric Particle 216 – Unifying and Matter.

The book went through some updates. It is still being prepared for sale and should be ready soon on CreateSpace and Amazon in a few days this week.

Salah Eddin Gherbi, Author


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The Etheric Particle 216 – Unifying Matter and Spirit


My first book is now available on CreateSpace and Amazon :


Createspace : https://www.createspace.com/6980510?ref=1147694&utm_id=6026

Amazon : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Etheric-Particle-216-Unifying-Matter/dp/1527207900/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492330254&sr=8-1&keywords=the+etheric+particle

The numerical universe revealed from Glastonbury, deciphered from crop circles, ancient measures, astronomy, mathematics and physics, bringing a new understanding of the fifth element or the ether.

This book presents a unified theory of science, metaphysics, the philosophy of divine nature and geometry, encoding harmonic numbers from the Bible, folklore and ancient scriptures, revealing a unique template uniting microcosm with macrocosm.

Download a sample of the book here :




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The power of Now

We are all Divine beings able to manifest anything in the Now.
Action is happening only in the Now.
Trusting your True Self is accepting to receive the true love in the Now.

That’s also accepting to leave things to come to you without any control of the Ego. The Ego tends to control anything in the Outside world to get or to suppress and is often based on the projection in the past and future. Purifying the Ego is the true work to do from within, which leads to the Freedom of the mind, the true Freedom.

Take the time to grasp the Divine fruit in the Now, that’s also enjoying life as a Divine play. For that, we need to go beyond the illusions of the outside world preventing us to enjoy fully life and to experience more than we expect through the unexpected events in the Now. That’s the feeling to receive a gift from your true Mother, the Divine Mother from within.

For example, the illusion of money makes most often people worrying about anything they couldn’t do without.

But If everything was free, does that means freedom ? No, from the moment you still having suffering from within.

And if you have no money anymore, going beyond that illusion is actually to not suffer anymore from within about that issue. You are still sending love to yourself and others, happy and in joy around you. You are finally free from an important attachment causing suffering from within. In any situation, there is nothing more important than being in the heart by giving to others and trusting your inner power.

Writing in Mac Leod Ganj, on May 15th.

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“Less is more”

Having less in the outside world for your true nature Divine is actually discovering more within and outside.

Beyond the illusions, you develop the heart of compassion and love toward yourself and everyone. That’s not through the attachments that you feel the true Love, but from within.

And being in the heart, you develop your Divine potential to manifest anything in the outside world in the Now. You are discovering more than less as the Inner world transcends the Mental world. Experiencing the true love through different challenges within and outside, you are just realizing that the thought of having less is actually the fruit of illusion of the outside world.

If so, you finally accepted to receive the true love from the Divine in the Now. That’s your inner light constantly holding your hand beyond any conditioning thought or system which is the true freedom.

Written in Mac Leod Ganj, India, on May 8th.

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