Sacred Geometry Class 2 and 3




Sacred Geometry Class 2

This is a full HD online video of 33 minutes presenting the chapter 2 of the book the Etheric Particle 216, unifying matter and spirit. The ebook pdf is also included.

The contents of the chapter 2 Pyramid Energy are :

Constructing square grids ◆ Fractal 44 and Alton Priors, Windmill Hill and West Kennet crop circles ◆ Binary codes ◆ Ancient symbols ◆ The camp of the Israelites ◆ 101 Zero Energy Point Gateway ◆ The tribes of Israel, interactive forces, Zodiacal Signs and the elements ◆ The Geometric Key ◆ The ground plan of the Temple of Solomon.

Sacred Geometry Class 3



For only £7.77 or more (pay what you want), you get the ebook The Etheric Particle 216, a video with explanations about the chapter 3 Spin Effect and how to draw the seed of life with a compass with interpretation.

In this Class 3, a full HD online video of 26 min presents the chapter 3 of the book the Etheric Particle 216,  and a practical activity showing how to draw the seed of life with a compass. The ebook pdf is also included.

The contents of the chapter 3 are :

The Divine Blueprint and the Golden Spiral ◆ The Vesica Piscis ◆ The Seed of Life and the Torus ◆ Dynamic motion and spiral energy ◆ The double star tetrahedron.

Presentation of the chapter 3 – reading and further explanations about the origin of this effect which is still a subject of research in quantum physics. Introduction of the seed of life and the link to this natural phenomena of spin effect observed from the smallest particle to the galaxies. Introducing the debate about the conception of matter. How can we describe matter and energy, through quantum waves or particle objects ?

A practical activity of geometry for the end, how to make the seed of life with a compass whilst explaining the spin effect from this ancient symbol.

Introduction of the philosophy of the existence of a supra conscious intelligence behind the release of energy from the center of an object or energy spinning.

The side effect is the formation of a toroidal field which can originally come back to a single point connected to other local points in the universe giving birth to the philosophy of a connected universe through the universal force, love as the symbol of the seed of life.

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Sacred Geometry Class 1




This is a full HD online video of 44 minutes presenting the introduction and the first chapter of the book the Etheric Particle 216, unifying matter and spirit. The ebook pdf is also included on my online store here :

The contents of the chapter 1 are :

The construction of the Tetractys ◆ Platonic solids and their musical notes ◆ Step pyramids and the 432 tuning ◆ Introduction to the ether ◆ The Great Pyramid and its relationship to the size of the Earth and Moon ◆ Hyperbolic geometry ◆ Numerical codes of the Great Pyramid including 101.

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Online Sacred geometry class

My online class are setting up! The first class is now available on my store.

Below is a preview video class of sacred geometry level 1.

Why Sacred Geometry should be included in elementary school ?

What is it ?

Introduction to the Fibonacci Spiral, the five platonic solids, healing frequencies, the flower of life, the divine proportion. A voyage from the number 1 to 10 with explanation of their symbolism and meaning for the different cultures. This class rises the awareness of the presence of geometry and numbers through a hidden code in nature.

PowerPoint and Workbook provided in pdf format.


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Sacred Geometry Workshop Level 1 attended

Sacred Geometry Workshop Level 1 attended


Hello All,

This first Sacred Geometry Workshop was attended on June 17th.

Below are few pictures with three lovely people who attended on that time.


I led a talk about “what is Sacred Geometry and how it should be included in Elementary School” through a PowerPoint presentation and videos. As this workshop was really successful, I will be doing another one on Saturday 4th August from 12 to 3pm.

Below are the three testimonials from our friends Mike and Cindy :

A gentle soul convinced of the connection between number patterns and the cosmos. Creating a safe, playful environment to explore these ideas in.


I never thought I would be interested in numbers before attending Salah’s sacred geometry workshop but Salah made it so interesting and easy to understand. Being a very visual learner, it was also really great to put what we were learning into action with creative activities to help process the theory and enhance my understanding. Lunch was also amazing! Would definitely recommend this workshop. Thank you Salah!



We also enjoyed the practical activities such as origami paper, making one of the five famous platonic solids, drawing the Fibonacci spiral divine blueprint seen in nature. We also learned how the golden ratio 1.618 is naturally found on our body proportionally and how the healing frequencies such as the Solfeggio frequencies and 432 Hz come numerically from the digits of the Fibonacci Numbers. This lead to the question : how these healing frequencies can help us in our daily life ?


Between the talk and the practical activities, we enjoyed this moment of relaxation with a Vegan Lunch. Moment to take the opportunity to talk and know each other more.

Looking forward to doing another workshop!

Below are few information to know what we are doing and reserve your place for this coming workshop on August.

Sacred Geometry Workshop at our home studio (address given on booking) for this three hour workshop you will learn and experience the basic foundations of sacred geometry.

This is a great introduction about Sacred Geometry and why it should be included in elementary School. We will be looking at the basic foundations such as the platonic solids, the spiral, the flower of life etc.

Some videos I made to present a part of this work :

A part of my book the Etheric Particle 216 is also briefly presented during this workshop.



Vegan lunch included.
Unlimited tea and coffee included.
Geometry set included.

Workbook provided.

The price is £40 Early birds before 15th July.  The price is £60 after that date.
Small group, 10 spots available.

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Kind Regards

Salah Gherbi, Author of the book the Etheric Particle 216, unifying matter and spirit.


Sacred Geometry Workshop

Sacred Geometry Workshop at our home studio (address given on booking) for this three hour workshop you will learn and experience about the basics of sacred geometry.

This is a great introduction where you will learn about the Planetary Grid. We will look at some of the sacred sites and how this relates to the star constellation with regards to the flow of energy.

Vegan lunch included.
Unlimited tea and coffee included.
Geometry set included.

The price is £60.
Small group of 10 attendees.

To book email or you can follow this link to make your payment to reserve your place :

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Kind Regards
Author of the book the Etheric Particle 216

Sacred geometry Workshops



Welcome to universalzeropoint,

I will be running Sacred Geometry workshops in London soon.

I will give talks, classes and practical activities covering up major points :

  • General knowledge about Sacred Geometry
  • The Ley-Lines on Earth – Etheric Planetary Grid – Ancient Maps
  • Pyramid energy (called also free or etheric energy)
  • Consciousness and language of numbers
  • Astronomy
  • Architecture

Other points will be gradually building up.

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Thank you!

The blueprint foundation of Pyramid Energy

The blueprint foundation of Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy emerges from the base foundation of a Pyramid

Pyramid Energy could be described as the accumulation of standing wave interference inside a pyramid emanating Golden spirals or vortexes. The Fibonacci spiral is an approximation of the Golden Spiral observed in nature.
We begin with 1, then we sum up to 1 resulting in 2. We keep adding to the previous number to get the next number in the Fibonacci sequence ( 1 + 2 = 3, 3 + 2 = 5, etc).
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13 as an example depicted below.
To the monks of early Christianity the geometry of the square symbolized the creation of the structured universe and how the number two, the infinite and finite, can be generated from the one. In ancient Israel King Solomon described the passage from one to two as a reference to ‘Divine Inscrutability’.
Our physical reality is based on the pillar number four, with the four elements of air, earth, fire and water, the four directions and four corners of Earth. The Tetractys, meaning ‘the number four’ is the tetrahedron in three dimensions with four triangular faces. It is the first polygonal solid and the fundamental structure of space-time.
Geometry is the key to understanding the multi-layered universe and a doorway to the study of the divine order of nature. A single point represents ‘Unity’ or ‘the One’ and can also represent the circle or the square.
Square grids are created in the following manner.
 1. From the One is born the Essence of Duality, the passage from One to Two, which also symbolizes the Three in One. A square or a circle with a single point in the center is equivalent to ‘Unity’ or ‘the One’ and the pure inseparable essence of all things in Oneness. The Primary Grid 1 x 1 is the simple square.
2. The Secondary Grid 1 x 1 is constructed by drawing diagonals through a single point at the center.
3. The center provides the four coordinates for the division of the sides of the square bringing the Tertiary Grid 1 x 1 or cross, which in ancient times was regarded as a symbol of the Trinity or Three in One.
The three together produce a 2 x 2 Primary Grid. From a 2 x 2 Grid, a 4 x 4 Grid is built through the same steps. This construction was the template for designing Celtic decorative knots in ancient times.
Pyramid Energy can be understood through an expanded fractal of squares revealed in a crop circle at East Field Alton Priors, Wiltshire, United Kingdom on 3rd July 2005. The Alton Priors crop circle is based on a four by four grid of square units clearly visible at its center.
Credit : Lucy Pringle
The Primary Grid 4 x 4 is seen at the center of the Alton Priors crop circle. Four 2 x 2 Grids are placed on each corner of the 4 x 4 Grid. Finally twelve single squares are placed on each corner of the 2 x 2 Grid, bringing a total of 44 squares. The number 44 is a master number insisting on the number 4.
Fractal 44 can be viewed as a 12 x 12 Grid representing the base of a pyramid with four Zero Energy Points through which operate the four creative forces. The universe is ordered through the ether governing the four fundamental forces. Universal motion or spin originates from the ether working through the four forces on any scale from galaxies to atoms.
Binary codes bring important information about the numerical structure of the pyramid. Different sized squares and rectangles appear in the shaded areas. A binary code appears if we consider the yellow rectangle equal to 1 and the green square equal to 0. Binary codes can be read from either left to right or up and down.

0110 = 6    6 suggests the 6 x 6 x 6 Cube.

01110 = 14 = 7 x 2            

7 appears as the height of the Great Pyramid in relation to its base.

110011 = 51 = 17 x 3

51 appears in the slope angle of the Great Pyramid and the seven pointed star.

001010100 = 84 = 7 x 12      84 refers to one of the possible resonant frequencies of the Great Pyramid in Hertz.

1110111 = 119 = 7 x 17           119 brings again the number 7 in its divisors.



On each side of the 4 x 4 grid is a 101 doorway. The number 101 represents a ‘zero gateway’ with ones on either side, emanating Zero Point Energy from the zero. The triangular number 101 is linked to the Great Pyramid through the number 5,151.

The Great Pyramid has four faces with a slope angle of 51º51′ and the triangular number 101 counts a total of 5,151 dots.
Fractal 44 is a template unifying the microcosm and macrocosm and a blueprint of the Divine Architecture.
Fractal 44 from a three dimensional view is illustrated on the left.
Fractal 44 consists of 184 cubes in three dimensions with a 4 x 4 x 4 orange cube at its center composed of 64 cubes. Eight blue cubes of 2 x 2 x 2 sit at each corner bringing a total of 128 cubes (64 + 64 = 128).
Finally individual red cubes are placed on the corners of the 2 x 2 x 2 blue cubes adding a further 56 cubes (7 x 8) resulting in a total of 184 cubes (128 + 56 = 184). There are only seven red cubes placed around the blue bloc as the 8th red cube is integrated into the 4 x 4 x 4 orange bloc of 64 cubes.
golden-ratio-DNA-greenThe number 64 is present at the core of the blueprint. This number appears as an important numerical blueprint on a DNA level. Indeed the genetic code consists of 64 triplets of nucleotides (Adenine A, Guanine G, Cytosine C, Thymine T). These triplets are called codons. With three exceptions, each codon encodes for one of the 20 amino acids used in the synthesis of proteins.
The DNA molecule, the program for all life, is based on the golden section. It measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral. 34 and 21 are two consecutive numbers of the Fibonacci sequence.
The number 64 is also very present in Chinese philosophy. The I Ching book consists of 64 hexagrams as illustrated below.
There is obviously a link between all these fields. The question is how they are connected each other and how this can be interpreted ?

© Salah-Eddin Gherbi, From the book The Etheric Particle 216