First Class & Workshop of Sacred Geometry

Class and Workshop of Sacred Geometry at our home studio (address given on booking) on 20th May 2018.
In this first class, I will be presenting a PowerPoint about Sacred Geometry by going through basic notions of geometry :
The Tetractys
The Platonic Solids
Music / Pythagorean scale with 432 Hz
Metatron’s Cube
We will be studying about the Great Pyramid at Giza, how this beautiful architecture connects the cosmos with Earth Gaia, as above so below, how this key stone resolves a mathematical problem called “squaring the circle”. We will be discussing about the “fire” energy produced inside a Pyramid (free or etheric energy).
A strong major point of the workshop is the study of the Planetary Grid through the Platonic solids and the multiple mapping of these solids leading to a great discovery of the rhombic triacontahedron called the Becker Hagens Grid.
The language of numbers with letters will be another part exposing a greater picture of a divine architecture encoded in the ancient myths and religions, including the Bible.
A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, which we will call “Gematria.”
The point of this part is to link this system to the numerical system of the Planetary Grid (longitude and latitude positions of sacred sites) as an ancient map to be deciphered.
The workshop will be accompanying with practical activities such as origami, drawing, a little bit of calculations in archaeocryptography, identifying sacred geometry on the land of a part of London, through the locations of churches, cathedrals, potent spots where vortexes, “fire energy” of Earth emanate.
Finally, if you have a laptop, we will learn how to use a numerical program with Python software to plot the Ley-Lines on Google Earth from any location according to the geometric shape chosen (one of the platonic solids or the Becker Hagens Grid) and a heading location (for the orientation) or the bearing (angle in degrees from the true North).
Coming out of this workshop, you will be assuredly getting more insights and tools for yourself to explore in depth the layers of Sacred Geometry and the Planetary Grid.
The price is £20. This first class is attended by 10 people.
To book email or you can follow this link to make your payment to reserve your place
Bring :
– your own geometry set : compass, ruler, set square, pencil, protractor. Calculator.
– your own laptop if you have one with Google Earth and the Python software version 2.7.x set up.
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Classes & Workshops



Welcome to universalzeropoint,

I will be running classes & workshops about Sacred Geometry in London soon.

I will give talks, classes and practical activities covering up major points :

  • General knowledge about Sacred Geometry
  • The Ley-Lines on Earth – Etheric Planetary Grid – Ancient Maps
  • Pyramid energy (called also free or etheric energy)
  • Consciousness and language of numbers
  • Astronomy
  • Architecture

Other points will be gradually building up.

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Thank you!

The blueprint foundation of Pyramid Energy

The blueprint foundation of Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy emerges from the base foundation of a Pyramid

Pyramid Energy could be described as the accumulation of standing wave interference inside a pyramid emanating Golden spirals or vortexes. The Fibonacci spiral is an approximation of the Golden Spiral observed in nature.
We begin with 1, then we sum up to 1 resulting in 2. We keep adding to the previous number to get the next number in the Fibonacci sequence ( 1 + 2 = 3, 3 + 2 = 5, etc).
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13 as an example depicted below.
To the monks of early Christianity the geometry of the square symbolized the creation of the structured universe and how the number two, the infinite and finite, can be generated from the one. In ancient Israel King Solomon described the passage from one to two as a reference to ‘Divine Inscrutability’.
Our physical reality is based on the pillar number four, with the four elements of air, earth, fire and water, the four directions and four corners of Earth. The Tetractys, meaning ‘the number four’ is the tetrahedron in three dimensions with four triangular faces. It is the first polygonal solid and the fundamental structure of space-time.
Geometry is the key to understanding the multi-layered universe and a doorway to the study of the divine order of nature. A single point represents ‘Unity’ or ‘the One’ and can also represent the circle or the square.
Square grids are created in the following manner.
 1. From the One is born the Essence of Duality, the passage from One to Two, which also symbolizes the Three in One. A square or a circle with a single point in the center is equivalent to ‘Unity’ or ‘the One’ and the pure inseparable essence of all things in Oneness. The Primary Grid 1 x 1 is the simple square.
2. The Secondary Grid 1 x 1 is constructed by drawing diagonals through a single point at the center.
3. The center provides the four coordinates for the division of the sides of the square bringing the Tertiary Grid 1 x 1 or cross, which in ancient times was regarded as a symbol of the Trinity or Three in One.
The three together produce a 2 x 2 Primary Grid. From a 2 x 2 Grid, a 4 x 4 Grid is built through the same steps. This construction was the template for designing Celtic decorative knots in ancient times.
Pyramid Energy can be understood through an expanded fractal of squares revealed in a crop circle at East Field Alton Priors, Wiltshire, United Kingdom on 3rd July 2005. The Alton Priors crop circle is based on a four by four grid of square units clearly visible at its center.
Credit : Lucy Pringle
The Primary Grid 4 x 4 is seen at the center of the Alton Priors crop circle. Four 2 x 2 Grids are placed on each corner of the 4 x 4 Grid. Finally twelve single squares are placed on each corner of the 2 x 2 Grid, bringing a total of 44 squares. The number 44 is a master number insisting on the number 4.
Fractal 44 can be viewed as a 12 x 12 Grid representing the base of a pyramid with four Zero Energy Points through which operate the four creative forces. The universe is ordered through the ether governing the four fundamental forces. Universal motion or spin originates from the ether working through the four forces on any scale from galaxies to atoms.
Binary codes bring important information about the numerical structure of the pyramid. Different sized squares and rectangles appear in the shaded areas. A binary code appears if we consider the yellow rectangle equal to 1 and the green square equal to 0. Binary codes can be read from either left to right or up and down.

0110 = 6    6 suggests the 6 x 6 x 6 Cube.

01110 = 14 = 7 x 2            

7 appears as the height of the Great Pyramid in relation to its base.

110011 = 51 = 17 x 3

51 appears in the slope angle of the Great Pyramid and the seven pointed star.

001010100 = 84 = 7 x 12      84 refers to one of the possible resonant frequencies of the Great Pyramid in Hertz.

1110111 = 119 = 7 x 17           119 brings again the number 7 in its divisors.



On each side of the 4 x 4 grid is a 101 doorway. The number 101 represents a ‘zero gateway’ with ones on either side, emanating Zero Point Energy from the zero. The triangular number 101 is linked to the Great Pyramid through the number 5,151.

The Great Pyramid has four faces with a slope angle of 51º51′ and the triangular number 101 counts a total of 5,151 dots.
Fractal 44 is a template unifying the microcosm and macrocosm and a blueprint of the Divine Architecture.
Fractal 44 from a three dimensional view is illustrated on the left.
Fractal 44 consists of 184 cubes in three dimensions with a 4 x 4 x 4 orange cube at its center composed of 64 cubes. Eight blue cubes of 2 x 2 x 2 sit at each corner bringing a total of 128 cubes (64 + 64 = 128).
Finally individual red cubes are placed on the corners of the 2 x 2 x 2 blue cubes adding a further 56 cubes (7 x 8) resulting in a total of 184 cubes (128 + 56 = 184). There are only seven red cubes placed around the blue bloc as the 8th red cube is integrated into the 4 x 4 x 4 orange bloc of 64 cubes.
golden-ratio-DNA-greenThe number 64 is present at the core of the blueprint. This number appears as an important numerical blueprint on a DNA level. Indeed the genetic code consists of 64 triplets of nucleotides (Adenine A, Guanine G, Cytosine C, Thymine T). These triplets are called codons. With three exceptions, each codon encodes for one of the 20 amino acids used in the synthesis of proteins.
The DNA molecule, the program for all life, is based on the golden section. It measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral. 34 and 21 are two consecutive numbers of the Fibonacci sequence.
The number 64 is also very present in Chinese philosophy. The I Ching book consists of 64 hexagrams as illustrated below.
There is obviously a link between all these fields. The question is how they are connected each other and how this can be interpreted ?

© Salah-Eddin Gherbi, From the book The Etheric Particle 216

The depth of a mysterious Pyramid

The depth of a mysterious Pyramid


The music of the heavens was believed to be describable through numbers and geometry with a system of codes originating from the fundamental structure of space-time. The pyramid builders taught that relationships between all things can be expressed through geometry and numbers. Music tuned with these harmonic numbers is a way of expressing resonance within the geometric construct of the universe. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most famous examples of musical architecture since the ratio between Earth and Moon’s radius (11÷3) is a seventh of 528 Hz on a scale from D at 288 Hz. This frequency is supposed to be the frequency of Love, one of the Solfeggio frequencies.


The base of the Great Pyramid is not a perfect square. Each side is slightly concaved. This must be an important factor in its function as an etheric energy device, considering that energy waves are based on hyperbolic geometry.

Top view of the Great Pyramid of Giza


Hyperbolic geometry can be approached through sacred geometry. Below is an example through the geometric construction of the octagon.


The left diagram shows the construction of the octagon in straight lines and the right diagram shows the construction of a curved octagon representing hyperbolic geometry.



The Great Pyramid is linked to Sacred Geometry. A first Vesica Piscis is built and contained in the center of a larger Vesica Piscis. Below is the Vesica Piscis with the outline of the Great Pyramid.



The base leg is 2, the slope side is the Golden Ratio Phi (φ 1.618) and the height is the square root of Phi (√φ). The Great Pyramid has four faces with a golden angle of inclination 51° 51‘ 51“ or 51.84°.






The angle of a seven-pointed star 51.48 degrees is closely related to the slope angle of the Great Pyramid 51.84 degrees through the language of numbers. The Great Pyramid embodies the sacred number 7.




5,151 dots embodies the slope angle in degrees and minutes (51°51’) of the Great Pyramid. This is the total number of the dots in the triangular number 101.



tetractys1The Tetractys is the triangular number 4 with 4 dots at the base of the triangle. There is a total of 10 dots. The number 10 is said to be the perfect number as it connects the different scales and fields of things in the universe with some fundamental numbers set up in the general map of the cosmos. For example, 864,000 is said to be the diameter of the Sun in miles. Divide this number by 10, it results in the number of seconds in 24 hours which is 86,400 seconds. I explain further in my book how the Mayan Calendar can be built with some of these fundamental numbers, all of digits adding up to 9 and how this relate to the astronomical distances of the Moon and Sun. All is sealed with these numbers speaking as a divine conscious language.


© Salah-Eddin Gherbi, From the book The Etheric Particle 216

The mysterious Great Pyramid

The mysterious Great Pyramid


These fundamental blocs appear in nature in the structure of crystals and the five natural elements; earth, air, fire, water and the quintessence of the heavens (ether). Each of them is associated with a platonic solid. Earth is associated with the cube, air with the octahedron, water with the icosahedron, fire with the tetrahedron and ether with the dodecahedron. The heavenly bodies were encoded in the Great Pyramid of Giza through the number 7. Another key number is 5,040, the Earth’s radius in miles 3,960 added to the Moon’s radius 1,080. The number 5,040 is 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 and carried an important metaphysical meaning to early civilizations.

The fifth element, or ether, is a subtle medium through which the celestial bodies move in harmony. This element encourages the prosperity of life and order in nature. Entropy is the measure of disorder in any process. The Second Law of Thermodynamics stipulates that “the entropy of the universe increases during any spontaneous process”, which contradicts the orderly celestial signature described by the heavenly bodies. As a consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics only technologies based on explosion and destruction are explored. When the ether is considered the second law must be dismissed, allowing further explorations into technologies based on implosion and harmony of life.
The beautiful geometric patterns found in nature are a direct expression of the ether or ‘The All’ which orchestrates order in the universe through sound, light, numbers and geometry. In the past physical objects were considered to be connected to their essence in the subtle world. Philosophy, Art and Mathematics were studied with an awareness of the divine transcendental connection of the soul on the earthly plane to the One Quintessence. The Pythagoreans for example considered reality as ‘mathematically describable’. The practice of philosophy aided the transformation of the soul and a connection to a divine order through the science of numbers.


The Great Pyramid has an approximately square base with a perimeter equal to the  circumference of a circle with radius equal to its height. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid incorporate measurements from which can be calculated :

  • The dimensions of the Earth and Moon.
  • The radius ratio between the Earth and Moon.
  • The Pythagorean Triangle 3 – 4 – 5.


The pyramid builders appear to have been advanced astronomers.

“Few things in this world are more predictable than the reaction of conventional minds to unconventional ideas.” John Anthony West

Squaring the circle is the challenge of constructing a square with the same area as a given circle by using only a finite number of steps with compass and straight-edge. The resolution approximates the dimensions of the Great Pyramid with a base leg equal to 11 and a height equal to 7. This gives an approximate value of Pi (π) equal to 22÷7 = 3.1428.

Another approach is to take the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in relation to the Golden Ratio Phi (φ) 1.618, divine proportion observed in nature. The square of Phi (√φ) is the height and 2 is the base leg.


Perimeter of the circle : 2 π r = 8

Since 4 divided by √φ is approximately equal to Pi (π), the circumference of a circle of radius r is the height of the pyramid, respecting the equation below.

2 π r = 2 π√φ =
2 (4 ÷√φ) √φ = 2 x 4 = 8



Since the perimeter of the base of the pyramid is 8, the Great Pyramid squares the circle with a value of PI equal to 4 ÷√φ = 3.1446055.

If you are willing to go deeper in this research, there is further discovery about this value in the work presented by the researcher Jain, in his own books and website :


© Salah-Eddin Gherbi, From the book The Etheric Particle 216

The Tetractys, Ancient Temples and 432

The Tetractys, Ancient Temples and 432

             432 is a Multdimensional Code


 “And philosophers tell us, Kallikles, that communion and friendship and orderliness and temperance and justice bind together heaven and earth and gods and men, and that this universe is therefore called Cosmos or order, not disorder or misrule, my friend.”




The Tetractys is the foundation stone of the Divine Architecture. It held an important mystical meaning to the Pythagoreans who considered it as the base of the structure of the universe in terms of arithmetic, music and geometry. The Tetractys means literally “the number four” and is a triangle composed of 10 points rising upwards, arranged in four rows. The number ten is mathematically known as the fourth “ triangular number” with rows of one, two, three and four points. Each row has an important meaning and brings forward an understanding of the connection between the innermost and the outermost.

The first harmonic number encoded in the Tetractys is 432, a cosmic code which can be read from the base to the top of a step pyramid, such as the ones found in central America. This is another form of pyramid with a flat top (see picture below).



The step pyramids in Central America and Egypt come from the geometry of the Tetractys. A second Tetractys is placed on the top of the first as a fractal forming the second step. The numerical sequence 432 432 … rises from the base upwards.




Step Pyramid of Djoser. Constructed at Saqqara about 4,700 years ago and attributed to Imhotep. The pyramid stood 203 ft tall, with a base of 358 ft x 410 ft and clad in polished white stone.

 kukulkanThe Temple of Kukulkan. A 79-ft -high pyramid in southeastern Mexico with nine layers and a square base with sides measuring 181 ft . There are 4 stairways each with 91 steps making a total of 364 steps, the exact number of days in a lunar year. Added to the base platform, the total comes to 365, the number of days in a solar year.

The harmonic number 432 rises from the base upwards. This is a very important number when tuning instruments to resonate with consciousness. 432 is the gematria value for ‘All things’ (παντα) in Greek. From planetary systems to atoms, everything surrounding us is an embodiment of perfect harmony created by numbers, referred to in music as “ Harmonics”.

The Tetractys representing the organization of space from a two dimensional view.


First row : From a single original point everything is created and brought into existence from nothingness. This could be considered as a state of awareness to that which is about to manifest into creation.

Second row : From a single point two further points are generated defining the first dimension. The possibility of going from one point to another brings the idea of motion into consciousness.

Third row : A line drawn between these three dots defines the second dimension. Structure is formed into consciousness with the possibility of quantification and measurement.

Fourth row : A line drawn between these four dots defines the third dimension where geometry takes form. From this triangle all regular polygons can be generated, such as the square, the pentagon, the hexagon etc.

Other fundamental blocs can be built from the original bloc. The first solid appearing is the projection of the tetrahedron shown in light blue. The red hexagon represents the projection of the octahedron with the green cube projected inside.

The icosahedron and dodecahedron are both dual platonic solids. The icosahedron can be placed inside the dodecahedron and vice versa. One has 20 faces with 12 vertices and the other has 12 faces with 20 vertices.


The rhombic dodecahedron has 4,320 degrees and is made from 12 rhombus. The sum of the four angles of a rhombus is always 360 degrees. The rhombic dodecahedron appears in nature in the structure of the honeycomb cells. At the top is a pyramid made from three blue rhombus closing the end of the cell. The opening is a red hexagon prism at the bottom joining to the top with six green trapezes. Each cell is called “half of a rhombic dodecahedron”.

The sum of the angles is 3,240 degrees, again adding up to 9.

3 + 2 + 4 + 0 = 9

The number 9 is an important pillar in the structure of space-time and acts uniquely in the system of numbers. Below is a table listing some musical notes. Notes are based on a D scale from 144 Hz.



“Music is geometry in time.” Arthur Honegger


© Salah-Eddin Gherbi, From the book The Etheric Particle 216

My work

My work aims to educate people with the language of consciousness and vibration through the link between the sacred sites of Earth such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury and other great sites, numbers and geometry giving us general maps of the cosmos and the different layers connected to it.

First I will be presenting and sharing gradually a part of the content of my book the Etheric Particle 216 that I wrote the last year with articles and videos. This work is the first foundation and stepping stone of a greater work I am guided to do on the planetary grid in the near future. I am happy to share this work and speak about it as it just resonates within my soul as a blueprint.

When the collective consciousness awakens with knowledge and awareness of the truth within itself, then the vibration can only rise which also gives healing to Mother Earth in return and rises her vibration. We are experiencing a powerful time of revelations and the cosmic rays are reaching us to upgrade the pure essence of our spirit within.

Allow to receive!

Salah-Eddin Gherbi




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The Bernet Triangle

One of the quest I would like to undertake this year 2,018 is to bring some mathematical material to support the work of Carl Munck. The ancient Gematrian numbers would show mathematically how the ancient sites around the world are very accurately positioned on a coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza. I believe it is still the case.

By shifting the Prime Meridian to the Great Pyramid making it the 0 longitude, we may discover ancient mathematical constants helping to clarify more the behavior of the ley lines and how they map the planetary grid between the sacred sites.

His work is well described on this website :

What are the Gematrian numbers ?

The Gematrian numbers are found in the Bible. Some of the numbers from the book the Etheric Particle 216 are presented for a few :

Christ               χριστος         1,480

All things        παυτα            432

Whole             ολος                370

Jesus                ιησουσ           888

10,656 is the sum of the gematria values for the 12 names of Jesus’ disciples.

Peter πετρος 755, Andrew Ανδρεας 361, James Ιακωβος 1103, John Ιωαννης 1119, Philip Φιλιππος 980, Nathanael Ναθαναηλ 150, Levi (Matthew) Λευι 445, Thomas Θωμας 1050, James (Son of Alpheus) Ιακωβος Αλϕαιου 2115, Lebbaeus Λεββαιος 320, Simon Σιμων ο καναναιος 1573, Judas Ιουδας 685.

Are these numbers part of a great design involving the sacred sites, multidimensionality, vortex energy and a divine mathematical language ?

For example, an equilateral triangle in London formed by the three mark points below discovered by the author Chris street in his book Earthstars may show a relationship with these gematrian numbers and the fundamental constant π (PI) :

  1. Camlet Moat
  2. The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, East Barnet
  3. The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley

To calculate the value of each mark point on the coordinate system, we have to know their latitude and longitude in relation to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The longitude of Greenwich from the Great Pyramid of Giza is 31.13356 or E 31°8’0.8″.

Any mark point to the west of Greenwich has to be added 31.13356 since the GP is 31 degrees east of it.

The longitude for the three ley mark-points are :

  • Camlet Moat is 0.139907 degrees West to Greenwich, then 31.13356 + 0.13397 = 31.27346 West to Giza or W 31° 16’ 24.48387” Giza.
  • The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, East Barnet is 31.28965/W Giza or W 31° 17’ 22.770398” Giza.
  • The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley is 31.3274388/ W Giza or W 31° 19’ 38.78” Giza.

If the sacred site is located to the east of Greenwich, 31.13356 is subtracted by that latitude in degrees decimal.

To convert a number in degree decimal into degrees, minutes and seconds. Below is the calculation method for Camlet Moat as an example :

31.27346 – 31° (subtracted by the integer is the first number in degree) = 0.27346 (the remainder is the number of minutes and seconds) x 60 = 16′ (minutes).4080 – 16 = 0.4080 (the remainder is the number of seconds) x 60 = 24.48387″ (seconds).

The latitude for these three ley mark-points are :

  • Camlet Moat is North 51.66763 which is N 51°40’3.48235″.
  • The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, East Barnet is N 51.635314; 51°38’7.133126″.
  • The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley is N 51.661583; 51°39’41.70135″.

Let’s multiply longitude numbers for each of them. We multiply the degrees, minutes and seconds together to get Longitude Grid :

  • Camlet Moat : 31 x 16 x 24.48387 = 10656 (a gematria number)
  • East Barnet St. Mary church : 31 x 17 x 22.77039 = 12000
  • Monkey Hadley St. Mary church : 31 x 19 x 38.78 = 22842.106

Same as the latitude Grid :

  • Camlet Moat : 51 x 40 x 3.48235 = 7104
  • East Barnet St. Mary church : 51 x 38 x 7.133126 = 13824 
  • Monkey Hadley St. Mary church : 51 x 39 x 41.70135 = 82944 

What is interesting to notice is that the numbers 13824 and 82944 are numbers whose the digits add up to 9. The number 13,824 is the fifth octave of 432 (a gematrian number) and 82,944 is the fifth octave of 2592, one tenth of the precession of the equinox of Earth in years (25920 years).

The Grid Point is the division between the Longitude and Latitude Grid (always superior to 1). Let’s calculate the Grid Point for each of them :

  • Camlet Moat : x = 10656/7104 = 1.5
  • East Barnet St. Mary church : y = 13824/12000 = 1.152
  • Monkey Hadley St. Mary church : z = 82944/22842.106 = 3.6311853

The relationship between the three ley mark-points show two interesting mathematical equations with the value of π (PI) 3.141592 :

The sum between them x + y + z equals approximately to 2 PI : x + y + z ≈ 2 PI

The product between them x.y.z equals approximately to 2 PI : x.y.z ≈ 2 PI

Below is a map of the Bernet triangle discovered by the author Chris street :

The bernet triangle