“Less is more”

Having less in the outside world for your true nature Divine is actually discovering more within and outside.

Beyond the illusions, you develop the heart of compassion and love toward yourself and everyone. That’s not through the attachments that you feel the true Love, but from within.

And being in the heart, you develop your Divine potential to manifest anything in the outside world in the Now. You are discovering more than less as the Inner world transcends the Mental world. Experiencing the true love through different challenges within and outside, you are just realizing that the thought of having less is actually the fruit of illusion of the outside world.

If so, you finally accepted to receive the true love from the Divine in the Now. That’s your inner light constantly holding your hand beyond any conditioning thought or system which is the true freedom.

Written in Mac Leod Ganj, India, on May 8th.


About salahealer

Protect and Heal Earth. Salah Gherbi is a passionate, independent researcher on sacred geometry, Ancient Civilizations, the quest of inner knowledge and wisdom. Salah
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2 Responses to “Less is more”

  1. Catherine Dempsey-Williams says:

    Thank you so much Salah,
    These words have uplifted my heart and reflected truth upon me. Thank you, Catherine.

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