Hello everyone. My name is Salah-Eddin Gherbi passionate of inner quest for the Absolute Truth of our own being. I have been studying Mathematics, Fundamental Physics and Astrophysics during my university. My path then changed toward a direction when the experience is about to embrace the present moment and follow the heart.

I started to write my book the Etheric Particle 216 the last summer. I had a feeling I could bring forth my interest and passion about geometry and numbers from a scientific and metaphysical point of view, both coming to an understanding of each other. During my journey I had a clear inner intuition to bridge the intellectual and intuitive aspects of myself. I had the conviction it was time to bridge the left and right side of the brain together, a balance that the ancient civilisations finally mastered either within or outside of themselves.

Nowadays our society has a tendency to be more on the left side of the brain from my own experience at school. My experience in Glastonbury helped me to open more the core of my divine essence, the heart connection which today I am grateful for being in that space by following my inner guidance.

The book the Etheric Particle 216 is a great book for people who have a good approach with numbers, mathematics and the language of sciences. The good news are that the book has also a bit of fresh air in its contents for people uncomfortable with those fields considering there are a lot of images presented including some crop circles at the heart of the book, a subject remaining somewhat of a taboo in the scientific world.

I do feel some crop circles remain a mystery and need a study in depth to appreciate the knowledge left in the design. I do believe in multidimensional beings as I do believe there are different planes of consciousness intricate in the multitude of universes, a divine creative web. There is one and many universes.

I will post gradually a few of the contents of the book on my website to present its key points. For further information how to get the book print and electronic version, click on this link.

Salah-Eddin Gherbi

© [13/09/2017] by Salah-Eddin Gherbi


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