Indian cosmogony

Indian cosmogony derive from

the dimensions of Hypercube 216.


The Maya pyramid is the representation of a cosmic clock related to the three dimensional experience. On a cosmic scale the number 9 symbolizes the completion of a great era of billions of years and the beginning of a higher dimensional experience. The construction of the Great Pyramid clearly shows that humanity did not evolve in a linear fashion though.

Indian Calendar

The sacred scriptures of India known as the Puranas speak of the four ‘ages of the earth’ called Yugas. The sum of these four ages makes 12,000 ‘divine years’. This is clearly another ancient calendar system based on the dimensions of Hypercube 216.

The Puranas tell us that ‘One year of the mortals is equal to one day of the gods’. One day of the gods equates to 360 mortal days. A year of the gods equates to 129,600 mortal days (360 x 360), a fractal of 12.96 Mayan Baktuns.

  • The Krita Yuga is a time period of 1,728,000 mortal years (4,800 x 360). 1,728,000 is a fractal of the Royal Egyptian Cubit of 1.728 feet.
  • The Treta Yuga is a time period of 12,960,000 mortal years. This is Plato’s famous number from his text Republic 546b–c according to some interpreters.
  • The Davpara Yuga is a time period of 864,000 mortal years which is also the Sun’s diameter in miles.
  • Finally the Kali Yuga is a time period of 432,000 mortal years, 432 being half of 864, both musical notes of A in Hertz on a D scale at 144 Hz.


One Mahayuga is equivalent to 12,000 divine years or 4,320,000 mortal years. A day of Brahma is equivalent to 1,000 Mahayugas or 4,320,000,000 mortal years. The completion of the Mayan Calendar is 3.84 days of Brahma resulting in 16,588,800,000 mortal years.

4,320,000,000 x 3.84 = 16,588,800,000

82,944, the volume of a single cube in four dimensions inside Hypercube 216, divided by 216 is 384. The famous Pythagorean G is 384 Hz on a C scale from 64 Hz.


In my opinion the solar system enters a photon band at the beginning of the time period of Aquarius. The Egyptians and Mayans used harmonic numbers encoded in the cycles of the cosmos. The Egyptians built the Great Sphinx facing directly East which may have represented a Lion further back in time. The Lion refers to the Great Transitions during a Great Year of 25,920 years. The Sphinx faces East waiting for the great return of the Golden Age and the completion of the Maya Long Count Calendar, 3.84 Days of Brahma.


© [21/09/2017] by Salah-Eddin Gherbi

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