Month: November 2017

The spiral in the universe and language of numbers (video)

This video presents the Fibonacci spiral observed in nature. The language of numbers between the numbers 9, 10 and 12 from the spiral allows us to extract some information about the divine creation such as the dimensions of Earth and the Sun in miles. This beautiful language also shows how the ancient measurements of units and the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt come from originally, taking root deeper in this language. Enjoy!



The Etheric Particle 216 – Questions and Answers (video)

Questions and Answers about the Etheric Particle 216.

  1. How would you describe your book ?
  2. What is your message you are getting across to people ?
  3. Where did you learn your knowledge for your excellent book ?
  4. What will people “benefit” from your incredible book ? (how can it help?)

Many thanks to my friend Tanya for these questions.




First presentation video

Hello everyone,

After a short period of rest and traveling, I come back to work more on my project with the book. I finally decided to record videos to present the work as I found videos is a better way to interact and communicate with the world.

Below is my first presentation video. Enjoy !