Etheric Healing


I am pleased to announce the service Etheric Healing. The Etheric Healing is a channeling and transmission of Angelic and Christed Light Energy directly to the clients. During this session, the spirits of nature are also at work to release any emotional blockages and trauma of the past. This healing lightens the energetic field and heals any aspects of the being, still to be integrated into the light.

This can be done individually or in partnership with Mahala Wall, a yoga teacher and vortex energy healer.

Here is her website for further information :

We also do healing sessions for houses, other buildings or lands.

These services can also be done at a distance via Skype.

Contact us for further information and bookings, prices are based on a rolling scale depending on salary, this is available on request.

Salah-Eddin Gherbi and Mahala Wall

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