Visit in Caesar’s Well of Wimbledon

Tours to sacred sites where you will experience for yourself sacred power spots where the ley lines cross. These are specific sites around the world, these places are often near by a stream of water (springs, wells etc). You can experience sacred points of the earth star, the energetic grid that makes up London. This service is in partnership with Mahala Wall. The dates will be available soon.

Visit in Caesar’s Well of Wimbledon, London



Visit in a sacred spot, an ancient holy well of London called Caesar’s well. It’s a peaceful and powerful energetic vortex we experienced there. We are blessed to have such holy waters near by where we live. Ley lines cross each other on that location and is part of the earth star of London. Water on these spots has healing properties and is energized, harmonized with the energy vortex. Our physical and etheric bodies get beneficial healing effects.

 Salah and Mahala on 03/01/2017

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