Sacrednature Clothing New Brand

My shop is now launched online. It is a way to support the work I do with my partner Mahala, my own creative work and the creativity of other designers with their designs of fractal and sacred geometry.

Some of the designs on the clothes are the creativity of other designers with their signature and approval.

You can check it out here :





Check out our amazing new range of organic cotton t-shirts, tops, jumpers, hoodies & accessories.


Wrap up this Winter with our brand new range of hoodies and jumpers – made from super-soft, warm organic cotton.


Spring time is coming. Check-out organic and bamboo T-shirts.


We Ship Worldwide

We ship to the UK Next Day, Europe in 3-5 days and the row in 7 days.


High Quality Prints

All of our designs are printed on demand, in the UK and in full color, ensuring high quality.


Ethical Fashion

Our t-shirts, tops, hoodies and sweatshirts are made from super-soft organic cotton.


Warm Jumpers

Check out our amazing range of super soft jumpers and hoodies.




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