My work

My work aims to educate people with the language of consciousness and vibration through the link between the sacred sites of Earth such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury and other great sites, numbers and geometry giving us general maps of the cosmos and the different layers connected to it.

First I will be presenting and sharing gradually a part of the content of my book the Etheric Particle 216 that I wrote the last year with articles and videos. This work is the first foundation and stepping stone of a greater work I am guided to do on the planetary grid in the near future. I am happy to share this work and speak about it as it just resonates within my soul as a blueprint.

When the collective consciousness awakens with knowledge and awareness of the truth within itself, then the vibration can only rise which also gives healing to Mother Earth in return and rises her vibration. We are experiencing a powerful time of revelations and the cosmic rays are reaching us to upgrade the pure essence of our spirit within.

Allow to receive!

Salah-Eddin Gherbi





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