First Class & Workshop of Sacred Geometry

Class and Workshop of Sacred Geometry at our home studio (address given on booking) on 20th May 2018.
In this first class, I will be presenting a PowerPoint about Sacred Geometry by going through basic notions of geometry :
The Tetractys
The Platonic Solids
Music / Pythagorean scale with 432 Hz
Metatron’s Cube
We will be studying about the Great Pyramid at Giza, how this beautiful architecture connects the cosmos with Earth Gaia, as above so below, how this key stone resolves a mathematical problem called “squaring the circle”. We will be discussing about the “fire” energy produced inside a Pyramid (free or etheric energy).
A strong major point of the workshop is the study of the Planetary Grid through the Platonic solids and the multiple mapping of these solids leading to a great discovery of the rhombic triacontahedron called the Becker Hagens Grid.
The language of numbers with letters will be another part exposing a greater picture of a divine architecture encoded in the ancient myths and religions, including the Bible.
A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, which we will call “Gematria.”
The point of this part is to link this system to the numerical system of the Planetary Grid (longitude and latitude positions of sacred sites) as an ancient map to be deciphered.
The workshop will be accompanying with practical activities such as origami, drawing, a little bit of calculations in archaeocryptography, identifying sacred geometry on the land of a part of London, through the locations of churches, cathedrals, potent spots where vortexes, “fire energy” of Earth emanate.
Finally, if you have a laptop, we will learn how to use a numerical program with Python software to plot the Ley-Lines on Google Earth from any location according to the geometric shape chosen (one of the platonic solids or the Becker Hagens Grid) and a heading location (for the orientation) or the bearing (angle in degrees from the true North).
Coming out of this workshop, you will be assuredly getting more insights and tools for yourself to explore in depth the layers of Sacred Geometry and the Planetary Grid.
The price is £20. This first class is attended by 10 people.
To book email or you can follow this link to make your payment to reserve your place
Bring :
– your own geometry set : compass, ruler, set square, pencil, protractor. Calculator.
– your own laptop if you have one with Google Earth and the Python software version 2.7.x set up.
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Check the calendar out on the right sidebar for the dates!
Kind Regards

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