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Sacred Geometry Workshop Level 1 attended

Sacred Geometry Workshop Level 1 attended


Hello All,

This first Sacred Geometry Workshop was attended on June 17th.

Below are few pictures with three lovely people who attended on that time.


I led a talk about “what is Sacred Geometry and how it should be included in Elementary School” through a PowerPoint presentation and videos. As this workshop was really successful, I will be doing another one on Saturday 4th August from 12 to 3pm.

Below are the three testimonials from our friends Mike and Cindy :

A gentle soul convinced of the connection between number patterns and the cosmos. Creating a safe, playful environment to explore these ideas in.


I never thought I would be interested in numbers before attending Salah’s sacred geometry workshop but Salah made it so interesting and easy to understand. Being a very visual learner, it was also really great to put what we were learning into action with creative activities to help process the theory and enhance my understanding. Lunch was also amazing! Would definitely recommend this workshop. Thank you Salah!



We also enjoyed the practical activities such as origami paper, making one of the five famous platonic solids, drawing the Fibonacci spiral divine blueprint seen in nature. We also learned how the golden ratio 1.618 is naturally found on our body proportionally and how the healing frequencies such as the Solfeggio frequencies and 432 Hz come numerically from the digits of the Fibonacci Numbers. This lead to the question : how these healing frequencies can help us in our daily life ?


Between the talk and the practical activities, we enjoyed this moment of relaxation with a Vegan Lunch. Moment to take the opportunity to talk and know each other more.

Looking forward to doing another workshop!

Below are few information to know what we are doing and reserve your place for this coming workshop on August.

Sacred Geometry Workshop at our home studio (address given on booking) for this three hour workshop you will learn and experience the basic foundations of sacred geometry.

This is a great introduction about Sacred Geometry and why it should be included in elementary School. We will be looking at the basic foundations such as the platonic solids, the spiral, the flower of life etc.

Some videos I made to present a part of this work :

A part of my book the Etheric Particle 216 is also briefly presented during this workshop.



Vegan lunch included.
Unlimited tea and coffee included.
Geometry set included.

Workbook provided.

The price is £40 Early birds before 15th July.  The price is £60 after that date.
Small group, 10 spots available.

To book email or you can follow this link to reserve your place :

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Kind Regards

Salah Gherbi, Author of the book the Etheric Particle 216, unifying matter and spirit.


Sacred Geometry Workshop Level 1 Coming Soon

Sacred Geometry Workshop Level 1 Coming Soon

Hello All,

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Below are a few videos to present a part of the work :



Below are a few pictures about the first Sacred Geometry Workshop attended on June 17th in Mitcham.


Kind Regards,

Salah-Eddin Gherbi