Month: July 2018

Sacred Geometry Class 1




This is a full HD online video of 44 minutes presenting the introduction and the first chapter of the book the Etheric Particle 216, unifying matter and spirit. The ebook pdf is also included on my online store here :

The contents of the chapter 1 are :

The construction of the Tetractys ◆ Platonic solids and their musical notes ◆ Step pyramids and the 432 tuning ◆ Introduction to the ether ◆ The Great Pyramid and its relationship to the size of the Earth and Moon ◆ Hyperbolic geometry ◆ Numerical codes of the Great Pyramid including 101.




Online Sacred geometry class

My online class are setting up! The first class is now available on my store.

Below is a preview video class of sacred geometry level 1.

Why Sacred Geometry should be included in elementary school ?

What is it ?

Introduction to the Fibonacci Spiral, the five platonic solids, healing frequencies, the flower of life, the divine proportion. A voyage from the number 1 to 10 with explanation of their symbolism and meaning for the different cultures. This class rises the awareness of the presence of geometry and numbers through a hidden code in nature.

PowerPoint and Workbook provided in pdf format.


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