Healing Work

Healing Work

Hi folks!

Here is my new website about my healing work as a multidimensional healer and life coach : http://www.salahealingenergy.com

I will be active on both sites and will keep working on sacred geometry too.

The website universalzeropoint.com is more a website to share my insights and presents my writings about it for a deeper technical points of view. This website will keep you informed about the online classes on my shop Selz : https://sacred-geometry.selz.com/

In addition of the healing work I present on my new website, Soul Alignment Consultation, Soul retrieval, activation with crystals and tarot readings which are tapping into an intuitive and psychic work, the ideal in my life journey is to integrate a practical healing work about numbers and sacred geometry for people to experience. They can reflect about these insights and also benefit from this Light Language about numbers and geometry.

On the menu of the new website, you can see a page of Sacred Geometry linking my official website and my shop Selz for online classes.

Any question, please contact me.

Kind Regards


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