Indian cosmogony

Indian cosmogony derive from

the dimensions of Hypercube 216.


The Maya pyramid is the representation of a cosmic clock related to the three dimensional experience. On a cosmic scale the number 9 symbolizes the completion of a great era of billions of years and the beginning of a higher dimensional experience. The construction of the Great Pyramid clearly shows that humanity did not evolve in a linear fashion though.

Indian Calendar

The sacred scriptures of India known as the Puranas speak of the four ‘ages of the earth’ called Yugas. The sum of these four ages makes 12,000 ‘divine years’. This is clearly another ancient calendar system based on the dimensions of Hypercube 216.

The Puranas tell us that ‘One year of the mortals is equal to one day of the gods’. One day of the gods equates to 360 mortal days. A year of the gods equates to 129,600 mortal days (360 x 360), a fractal of 12.96 Mayan Baktuns.

  • The Krita Yuga is a time period of 1,728,000 mortal years (4,800 x 360). 1,728,000 is a fractal of the Royal Egyptian Cubit of 1.728 feet.
  • The Treta Yuga is a time period of 12,960,000 mortal years. This is Plato’s famous number from his text Republic 546b–c according to some interpreters.
  • The Davpara Yuga is a time period of 864,000 mortal years which is also the Sun’s diameter in miles.
  • Finally the Kali Yuga is a time period of 432,000 mortal years, 432 being half of 864, both musical notes of A in Hertz on a D scale at 144 Hz.


One Mahayuga is equivalent to 12,000 divine years or 4,320,000 mortal years. A day of Brahma is equivalent to 1,000 Mahayugas or 4,320,000,000 mortal years. The completion of the Mayan Calendar is 3.84 days of Brahma resulting in 16,588,800,000 mortal years.

4,320,000,000 x 3.84 = 16,588,800,000

82,944, the volume of a single cube in four dimensions inside Hypercube 216, divided by 216 is 384. The famous Pythagorean G is 384 Hz on a C scale from 64 Hz.


In my opinion the solar system enters a photon band at the beginning of the time period of Aquarius. The Egyptians and Mayans used harmonic numbers encoded in the cycles of the cosmos. The Egyptians built the Great Sphinx facing directly East which may have represented a Lion further back in time. The Lion refers to the Great Transitions during a Great Year of 25,920 years. The Sphinx faces East waiting for the great return of the Golden Age and the completion of the Maya Long Count Calendar, 3.84 Days of Brahma.


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The numerical system of the Maya Long Count Calendar


The numbers in the Maya Long Count Calendar

derive from the dimensions of Hypercube 216.


The Mayan calendar is based on harmonic numbers from Hypercube 216. An era of 12.96 (almost 13) Baktuns is 5,184 years, a number representing half the surface area of a face of Hypercube 216. The number 5,184 is found in the slope angle of the Great Pyramid as a fractal (51.84°) suggesting that the Egyptians and the Mayans shared this same knowledge of the divine source.

One Baktun = 400 years then 400 x 12.96 = 5,184 years

144,000 Mayan days for 12.96 Baktuns.

A Mayan year is 20 x 12.96 = 259.2 days

Below is a simple representation of this numerical system of the Maya Long Count Calendar within the precessional cycle of the Earth. It encodes powerful numbers based on 9 and all the more some are actually directly coming from the dimensions of Hypercube 216. A completion of this cycle counts a total of 25,920 years.You can check their powerful connection with 9 by adding or multiplying up all their digits together. For example, the number 20,736 ( 2 x 7 x 3 x 6 = 252 and 2 + 5 + 2 = 9). The complete cycle is called the Great Year of Earth.


The great transitions of this cycle for Earth would happen exactly around these numbers. Today, the solar system enters a photon band at the beginning of the time period of Aquarius. The Egyptians and Mayans used these numbers encoded in the cycles of the cosmos. All I can say is that the 12.96 Baktuns are fully completed around 2,016 and onwards. If I substract 2,016 from 5,184, it results in 3,168 which is the gematria value for “Lord Jesus-Christ Kυριος ιησουσ χριστος”. Is it a coincidence or a divine clue for Humanity ?

What is Gematria ? Gematria is a numerological system by which Hebrew or Greek letters correspond to numbers. A practice and exegesis proper to the Hebraic Bible although I also presented the Greek words in the book “The Etheric Particle 216”. In both languages information can be deciphered.

Below is a table with the letters and their correspondence value.


For example, Lord Jesus-Christ Kυριος ιησουσ χριστος is calculated in this way :

Lord = Kυριος = K (20) + υ (400) + ρ (100) + ι (10) + ο (70) + ς (200) = 800

Jesus = ιησουσ =   ι (10) + η (8) + σ (200) + ο (70) + υ (400) + σ (200) = 888

Christ = χριστος = χ(600) + ρ (100) + ι (10) + σ (200) + τ (300) + ο (70) + ς (200)  = 1,480

Lord Jesus-Christ = 800 + 888 + 1,480 = 3,168

With a lunar year of 360 days, 12.96 Baktuns is 1,866,240 days. Remarkably 1,866,240 is 10 times the speed of light in miles per second expressed as 432 squared (432² = 186,624). The Earth’s axis rotates (precesses) like a spinning top as presented below.


The period of precession of the equinoxes or the Great Year is 25,920 years, a cycle of five periods of 5,184 years or five periods of 12.96 Baktuns. One twelfth of 25,920 is 2,160 years, 30° of a circle. 2,160 is the diameter of the Moon in miles.

These numbers based on 9 tied up as a divine numerical system in many different fields, whether geodesy, metrology or cosmogony. Other fields do exist. I just allow the topics to unfold and reveal gradually where these numbers play. It is a divine language.

The Etheric Particle has 12 moons around Earth encoding the Great Year of 25,920 years since 12 multiplied by 2,160 is 25,920. The Mayan year of 259.2 days and the Great Year of 25,920 years are clearly fractals of the number 2,592.

maya glyphs

Above are five components of the Mayan Calendar called Long Count Glyphs. Each of them corresponds to a value in days. The last two can be found from Tun by multiplying by 20. 360 x 20 = 7,200 days defined as 1 Katun, etc. The Mayans used a calendar in base 5 within a base 20. Each unit has a time period based upon the number 9 except for the two first units Uinal and Kin.

144,000 (1+4+4 = 9)                7,200 (7 + 2 = 9)                      360 (3 + 6 = 9)

In the Mayan Calendar, there are nine stages of consciousness from the beginning of the creation of the universe. The time period of these stages in lunar days encodes the great harmonic numbers encoded in the dimensions of Hypercube 216, the precession of
the equinoxes of the Earth and the distances between the Earth, Sun and Moon in miles.

There are the stepped temple of Kukulkan encoding the 9 cycles of consciousness.



The numbers defining the time period of the nine cycles of consciousness are 12.96 and 20. The time period for the last stage of consciousness is 233.28 days (12.96 x 18 kin) represented by the top step of a pyramid. The distance between Earth and Moon is exactly 233,280 miles, a thousand times greater than 233.28.


The second from highest step represents a time period of 4665.6 days (12.96 x 360) or 12.96 Mayan years. The third step from the top lasts 93,312 days (12.96 x 7,200) or 259.2 Mayan years. The distance between the Earth and Sun is exactly 93,312,000 miles, a thousand times greater than 93,312 and one hundredth of the 9,331,200 days in the Great Year (25,920 x 360).


“The cosmos is full beyond measure of elegant truths; of exquisite interrelationships; of the awesome machinery of nature.” Carl Sagan


Above is a summary of the Maya Long Count Calendar with the first column containing the colour of the step of the pyramid , the second column is the number of Mayan Baktun. Following this column is the calculation in number of years, then Great Years. The last column shows a numerical fractal of these numbers operating in different fields.

  • The Sumerian cubit was defined as 1.65888 ft.
  • 82,944 is the volume of a single cube inside Hypercube 216 in 4D.
  • 10,368 is the surface area of a face of Hypercube 216
  • 51,84 is the slope angle of the Great Pyramid in degrees
  • 25,920 is the Great Year
  • 12.96 Baktuns is 5,184 Mayan years or 129.6 units is nearly the diameter of the circle when we apply squaring the circle to a face of Hypercube 216 as illustrated below. When I wrote my book, I realized and felt that the language of numbers should have been a pioneer to define different values of PI (π).


The nine steps of consciousness are happening simultaneously. Time becomes an illusion when numbers speak. This is my own truth here. Salah-Eddin Gherbi

© [20/09/2017] by Salah-Eddin Gherbi

The age of the cosmos encoded in Hypercube 216

Why 216 ?


In the book ‘The Etheric Particle 216’ is presented a Hypercube made of 216 single cubes called Hypercube 216. What I realized is that this cube generates key numbers based on the Vortex Based Mathematics 9 encoded in the architecture of the Great Pyramid of Giza (in term of space) and the Maya Long Count Calendar (in term of time). Considering that these numbers appear from the dimensions of Hypercube 216, I really felt that the reality we are experiencing in three and four dimensions comes from Hypercube 216. This Hypercube would be the missing bridge to the understanding of how energies interact between the third and fourth dimension.

When I read the current topics of research, researchers are now mentioning the 11 dimensions in string theory. To my opinion it is important that the researchers come back to simple foundations with an understanding of how numbers tied up all together in the divine creative web.

There is no real time as we perceive it with our human mind. It is more to do with unfolding of geometry from which the foundations are key numbers. Consequently I didn’t present a variable time t in the equations of my book. It’s more based on a language of numbers and geometry tapping more into a higher consciousness and promoting unity of different cultures such as the 12 tribes of Israel. That could have been the 12 tribes of Ismael as a mirror. The most important is to reckon that this divine number 12  appears in many civilizations to remind us a unique template as an important factor in the participation of order and harmony in the universe. Other examples are folklores of ancient culture such as the King Arthur and the Round Table, very popular in Glastonbury and finally the 12 disciples of Jesus-Christ.

Hypercube 216 and one of its single cubes are presented with their dimension :



The American philosopher and mathematician D. G. Leahy made many great discoveries related to the cube 6 x 6 x 6 and found it has the uniqueness of respecting the following equation :


By resolving the equation, x is the edge length of the 6 x 6 x 6 cube and is equal to the square root of 10,368 which is approximately 101.823 units.

Some interesting VBM 9 (Vortex Based Mathematics) numbers are generated.

For Hypercube 216 :

Edge length x : 72√2 ≈ 101.823

The surface area of a face : x² = 10,368

The diagonal line across a face is 144

The volume*  in four dimensions : x^4 = 107,495,424

For a single cube :

Edge length inside Hypercube 216 : y = x ÷ 6 = 12√2 ≅ 17

The volume of a single cube in four dimensions : y^4 = (x ÷ 6)^4 = 82,944

“The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation” Walter Russel

Notice that the numbers 144, 10368, 82944 and 107495424 are based on 9 as the sum of their digit add up to 9 ( example : 8 + 2 + 9 + 4 + 4 = 27 and 2 + 7 = 9). For the numbers 1036882944 and 107495424, a multiplication of their digits (without the 0 of course) result in other numbers based on 9. I leave the readers to work it out as a practice in order to approach the language of numbers. All these numbers can also be interpreted musically. For example 144 is a D on a D scale. 162 is an E, same as 10,368 at 7 octaves and 82,944 at 9 octaves above 162. 82,944 multiplied by 2 results in 165,888, 10 octave above 162. This is the age of the cosmos if we add five zeros 16,588,800,000 (16 billions).

If we divide 10,368 by 2, it results in 5,184. This number is encoded in the architecture of the Great Pyramid and represents the slope angle (in term of space). It is also the 12.96 Mayan Baktun (nearly 13 but I choose to define 12.96 to keep the VBM9 system going on) if 1 Maya baktun is defined as 400 years and 1 year is 360 lunar days.


Hypercube 216 would be the foundation of the numerical system of the Maya Long Count Calendar. That will be explained further in details in another post. This numerical system is explained in my book “The Etheric Particle 216”.


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A turning point in the collective consciousness

The number 5,778 is the new year on the Hebrew Calendar on 21st September 2,017. There is every reason to believe that this year 2,017/2018 is an important turning point in the evolution of the collective consciousness. The number 5,778 has interesting correlations with the spiral, divine blueprint in nature as :


The spiral can be approximated through the Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 etc.. This can be seen on a snail’s shell, a flower, vortex in water.


Studying the physical and mathematical properties of the spiral in nature is also studying the behaviour of the fifth element, the ether. The spiral is a divine signature of order in the universe where everything is fully aligned. There is a possibility to harness this energy within a pyramid, something that advanced ancient civilizations mastered in their practical applications.

Interestingly the temperature of the sun encodes the number 5,778 considering that its surface temperature is this number. Somewhere in the sky on , another sign shows up if we read this biblical verse :

12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.  She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Revelations 12


sign in the heavens


The divine number 12 is a foundation stone of the Etheric Particle encoding 12 moons around Earth with the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The cornerstone of the ether is indeed the bridge of the two celestial bodies encoding remarkable mathematical numbers such as PI (π =3.14) and the Divine Proportion PHI (Φ = 1.618). Consequently the Great Pyramid is a great design reminding us the importance of its architecture playing at the core of the etheric particle unifying the four interactive forces in the universe, whether Electromagnetism, gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces.

Etheric particle

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