The Etheric Particle 216


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We are happy to announce that the book The Etheric Particle 216 is now available in the local bookshops of the town Glastonbury in United-Kingdom. For further information, please contact my friend Michael Tyack. Glastonbury is a magical place full of synchronicities by experience is where Salah-Eddin, the author, and Michael Tyack the editor and proof-reader spent the whole winter of the year 2,016 to work through the book. Thank you to Michael Tyack for his patience, perseverance, contribution in editing and proof reading, advices and faith for the achievement of this piece of work.

Michael Tyack has also a beautiful talent of numbers on Vortex Based Mathematics 9. His band CIRCULUS with Jennifer Bliss Bennett, the brothers George and Holly Parfitt play together across the United Kingdom tuning their instrument at 432 Hz. It is a great inspiration for the musicians of the world. Any musician reading the book may be assuredly convinced of the importance of tuning the instruments at 432 Hz. Information gathered in the contents has more than one good argument to convince why the instruments should be tuned at 432 Hz.

On the top of CIRCULUS‘ music, Michael’s work turns around the mathematic and dynamic codes of the cube 9 x 9 x 9 based on the power of 9, the understanding of the number 666 and how the numbers communicate each other in the core of the divine creation. Salah and Michael did an exhibition together in Glastonbury to present their own work. In this exhibition there was also our friend Inigo Buonfresco  looking after the cymatics experiment on water. He was showing to our guests how geometry relates to frequency on its surface.

Below is a short presentation of Michael’s work with a little bit of explanation :


Hello friends, what you see above is the roof of a 9 x 9 x 9 number matrix I call ” The Cube seal “. It is made from multiples of 9 up to the number 8883. Shaded areas in the  above picture show the location of numbers containing a 6. The number 9 appears only  once in the cube. All multiples of 9 which contain the number 9 are omitted. 9 displays itself on the cube as zero. Thus the number 306 can also be seen as 396. This base 9 cube  seal I interpret as ” spirit ” mathematics, which produces base 10 through shifted pair  subtraction. For more information, please email me at

Michael Tyack


Salah and Michael did also a talk about numbers, music and how some of those numbers are encoded in the Great Pyramid. At this talk, Salah’s work was a part of the chapter called “The light codes of the ether” in the book.