On this page you will find a list of all the services you can choose.

Within the field of energy healing, counseling, teaching, tour guiding and transmissions.

  1. Etheric Healing, this is energy healing, it can be done individually or in partnership with Mahala Wall, a yoga teacher and vortex energy healer. Here is her website for further information :
  2. Etheric Healing can also take place for your home, work place, any building or land.
  3. Counseling and Life coaching is available, this is advising, listening and supporting you emotionally in any area of your life where you feel you could benefit. Areas covered – relationships, couples, bereavement, divorce, loss, heartbreak to name a few. This can be done individually or in partnership again with Mahala Wall.

These services can also be done at a distance via Skype.

Contact us for further information and bookings, prices are based on a rolling scale depending on salary, this is available on request.

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     4. You can Learn French with Salah-Eddin Gherbi, french classes are available in Mitcham or at your home, Via Skype. Further info on the image below :


         5. Learn Sacred Geometry with Salah-Eddin Gherbi, classes available in Mitcham or at your home, Via Skype, Further info on the image below :



      6. Tours to sacred sites where you will experience for yourself sacred power spots where the ley lines cross. These are specific sites around the world, these places are often near by a stream of water (springs, wells etc). You can experience sacred points of the earth star, the energetic grid that makes up London. This service is in partnership with Mahala Wall. The dates will be available soon.

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        7. Transmission and activation of the Ankh Key within yourself. This is a meditation of 33 minutes in silence. During the session, you will experience extremely deep healing energy that is of a very pure high vibration. One session will take place each week live on Facebook. By Donation.



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