Below are testimonials from clients who experienced the Etheric Healing in my presence. Many thanks to them for writing their feedback.


From Mahala Wall, a yoga teacher trainer and Vortex healer

I had an etheric healing session with Salah, I have experienced many types of healing modalities, I am also a vortex energy healing practitioner myself, this was a very powerful deep healing, Salah used a combination of sound frequencies, his voice and Channeling to clear and harmonise the energy flow in my system, leaving me feeling very balanced, clear and centred, I highly recommend Salah to all of my friends and of course my clients, Salah is also currently working on my home to show me what I can do to harmonise the flow of energy, thank you Salah.

Mahala wall
Yoga teacher trainer
Vortex healer


Thanks for the most amazing healing session. I arrived feeling exhausted and emotional and left feeling cleared and powered up. You made me feel very comfortable and I literally felt held by energy throughout the session. I felt warmth and love throughout. Thanks

Nicola Ladd


On Friday 15th December, I received an extraordinary etheric Healing session from Salah.

He utilised different healing techniques, including sound frequencies using singing bowls and channelled chanting. Guided by intuition and Spirit (same thing really) he tuned into exactly where I needed healing, both etherically and physically. I experienced tickling sensations on my body,a great amount of love, and became aware of my ancestors’ presence in the room. I saw colours and felt extremely calm and yet revitalized. At one point, I heard a crow above my head, which Salah later told me was a Spirit Guide. Immediately afterwards, I felt lighter, brighter and a feeling of joy suffused my soul.

The feeling has not dissipated, and the healing session was one of the best I have ever received.

I am a Reiki Healer and have experienced many healing modalities – this was amongst the best.

Thank you Salah !

Beverley Alfred

Salah I was recommended to him by a friend of mine Because I needed healing on my left knee because I had a knee infection after a second knee replacement. I found Salah very professional and he put me at easy during the non invasive treatment. If anyone has problems with with their body I would suggest they have a session with him it is well worth it.

Mark Kirton