The Etheric Particle 216 – Introduction 16/11




The Etheric Particle 216 – Questions and Answers 21/11


The Spiral in the Universe and language of numbers 24/11



The Etheric Particle 216 – Music and Geometry 12/9


This video presents the possible relationship between the foundations of geometry and music based on 432 Hz, how it is important to come back to the root of geometry to be in resonance with universal consciousness including nature. These frequencies are based on the power of 9 to bring healing in our energetic field and environment.

A guitar is played at these frequencies to feel the vibration of these musical notes on a D scale at 144 Hz. The indicator of the numerical divine system in music is 9, then A is 432 Hz, E is 324 Hz, F# is 360 Hz, etc… All of these numbers have digits adding up to 9.